Service Level Agreement Afas

AFAS Profit: AFAS Profit is an enterprise resource plan (hereinafter ERP) of AFAS. For a detailed description of AFAS Profit and the possibilities offered by AFAS, please contact Forque or visit the AFAS website ( Forque is not an AFAS profit reseller, but an AFAS certified expert with expertise in the implementation, optimization and integration of AFAS Profit (see: General conditions: The general conditions of Forque, always with the latest version between Forque and any other person. The latest version is available on the Forque website ( Tip: This is the case when Forque provides consultants to the client. This can be done in different ways. (1) By contacting Eerste Lijn Support, the customer can get in direct contact with consultants. 2.

The board may be part of a software offering. 3. The board may be part of an AFAS profit and/or salary management process. 4. Advice may be offered to the contracting authority as a service in its own right. Consultant: Are qualified employees at Forque. Consultants come with different skills and levels. See under „Tips“ which levels are distinguished within Forque. Error/error: the main non-compliance with the functional or technical specifications by the software, which has been explicitly communicated by fork in writing, and in case of adaptation to the functional or technical specifications expressly agreed in writing.

An error or bug only occurs if Forque`s customer can prove it and the error or bow is reproducible. The customer is obliged to immediately report bugs and bugs to Forque. If you install new hardware or software (other than Forque`s) that requires software adaptation, the lack of compatibility is not considered an error or error. Functional Design (FO): Is a document that is normally prepared during the implementation of Custom Work. Fo may, among other things, describe the duration of a project, objectives, division of labour and technical specifications. No duty can be deducted from fo. If an FO changes without fault of Forque or due to circumstances unforeseeable by Forque, an offer underlying FO is no longer binding on Forque. Registered users: To process support requests in the most efficient way possible, Forque collaborates with so-called registered users.

In addition, the customer can manage and control the moments of contact with Forque. Registered users are Forque employees registered on the Forque customer portal. Only registered users can send support, onDemand support, or service requests to Forque through the customer portal. If a contact person already known to Forque contacts Forque on behalf of a customer, that person may authorize themselves as a registered user. If a person is not known as a contact person or a registered user, Forque will check with the customer whether the data subject can be presented as a registered user before supporting. Customer Portal: Registered users with Forque customers can get in touch with Forque through an online customer portal. The support is registered by Forque on the customer portal. The customer portal offers among other things to the customer. a protected and personal overview of their data. Customers can view questions and projects, download invoices, and maintain personal and organizational data..

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