Child Custody Agreement Template Arkansas

This package has been prepared to establish a visiting plan for children and an order for the visiting plan of children from two parties who have never been married. My sister recently asked me what I thought of the fact that she sighs her prenatal rights on me for a few months. The father of her child is not there and has not been since her pregnancy. I don`t want him to have his son. He hasn`t even met his son. She said she needs to put her life in order, and believe me, she needs it. But she hasn`t talked about it since. I know your son would be better in my care than any of my family members. For many reasons, he knows me well. I`ve been there for him since he was born, and now he`s almost three years old.

We are close, and his son is close to my two children and his father. I spent many days and nights alone with him. I know everything there is to know about him. If I knew him and my sister left, he wouldn`t even notice that she was leaving. She will admit that she only trusts me in her son and has said that she wants her son to be in my care than any other member of my family. I think it would be traumatic for him to be placed in the care of one of my family members because his son does not know her. He sees them from time to time, like important holidays and sometimes a few hours in between. They also don`t have the experience with him. Since he is two years old, his attitude is bad. I have a two-year-old child and I have the experience. The experience of a two-year-old child and the experience with her son.

(Well, my mom has experience with young children, but we`re all adults now. My other sister has her fourth child. My brother has no children. He doesn`t like her and he`s an alcoholic.) I know exactly how his son works and everything else on him. I have always considered his son to be one of mine. I always treated him as if he were my own child. Our father will agree with me that his son would be better in my care than anyone else. He will agree that she must put her life in order. My sister also thought about signing her son`s rights to my brother.

The only reason she did is that they live on the same street. I recently left the city. If she passed it and signed her son with him, could I fight and go get her son? I don`t know the first step to bringing her to justice. .