Another Word For Promise Or Agreement

Our commitment is to protect public opinion from harm and, while we take all safety issues seriously, we will not be distracted by this promise. He also got a promise of 240 votes from other voters. a promise, often at the same time as the payment of a sum of money made by someone accused of a crime, to appear on a certain date in Hester Paine as a young woman fulfills the promise of her young daughter. Promises, promises, promises, swear, commitment, promises, business, bride, promise You tried to blackmail a promise that she should appear on her pages, which, as we all remember, she did. My promise is made; Their tacit, but not the least true and most solemn. As I promised, I saw the minister the next day. a verbal obligation to someone who agrees to do (or not) do something in the future If you`re surrounded by the deepest darkness, it`s hard to think of a ray of sunshine. Similarly, it is difficult to think of justice when we see the triumph of evil and deception and the defeat of truth and honesty all around us. But in the same way that the first ray of sunshine enters darkness and illuminates our world, the justice of the Supreme Power reigns to uproot and break evil. The promise is that you will always have double what has been taken from you; see z.B.

The following lines of the Holy Book: „Because you have received a double dose of effort and more than your share of contempt, your heritage in the land is doubled and your joy continues forever.“ The justice of the Supreme Power will therefore prevail – always! Never lose hope and keep your faith strong! Unofficially, to do something that you have agreed or promised, to do what you have promised or what it is your duty to do, I come before you and assume the presidency in a moment rich in promises. But the promise of this life is compromised by the genius who made it possible. a formal promise, especially a promise that was made in court If we promise, we must allow ourselves to keep our promise. But Knife must promise to leave his country to his son-in-law if he dies. From a literary point of view, a serious promise you make to someone, I promise you that I will not do it, Mr Bines; They can row if they want. „There is little or no promise that it will recover“ a series of promises that people make to each other, for example, at a wedding ceremony, mainly journalism, a serious and public promise to do something legal, a promise to tell the truth without swearing on a sacred book, especially in court synonymous: commit, accept, fix, negotiate, take the oath, mortgage, deny one`s word, transmit one`s word, ensure, conclude an agreement, commit I found that it was time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, while previous presidents made it an important election promise, they did not keep it. I deliver today. The statement comes after Melania Trump`s campaign officials repeatedly denied the plagiarism accusations the day before and downplayed controversy over the remarkably similar passages.

The similarities were noticed shortly after Melania`s otherwise well-received speech, and the controversy followed the Melania Trump campaign for much of the second day of Congress. . . .