Spring Ford Collective Bargaining Agreement

Royersford, PA – Spring-Ford, after months of negotiations with teachers, has agreed to a new collective agreement, as the borough announced Monday night. The agreement expires on the same day as the start of the 2017-2018 school year. The Spring-Ford Area School District confirms that no person may be excluded from participating in educational programs or activities because of their gender, disability, race, colour, age, occupation, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, parentage, veteran status or genetic information. In addition, no person may be excluded on any of these bases from participating in an educational program or activity in the school district who will be denied the benefits of employment, employment or consideration or selection, either full-time or part-time. The district submits, upon request, appropriate provisions for qualified persons with disabilities. Please contact Coordinator Title IX (Director of Human Resources) 857 S. Lewis Road, Royersford, PA, or 610-705-6000 ext. 6124. For more information on constituency non-discrimination in participation/employment/contract practices, please consult Board 103.

The agreement also provides for the expiry of different types of health care options until the end of the four-year contract in order to control the total cost of the borough. The Spring-Ford Area School District Office of Human Resources is dedicated to providing excellent human resources services by helping schools and district departments recruit and retain the most qualified candidates. We are responsible for all aspects of the staff relationship from recruitment to retirement or resignation. In particular, the Office of Human Resources enforces labour laws and mandates, deals with labour relations and collective agreement issues, develops staff recommendations, and manages all facets of the marginal employee performance program. Our department procedures support the implementation of the district`s success plan through optimal guidance and support to meet the collective needs of our students, employees and the community.