Schaeffler Quality Assurance Agreement

In September 2002, in accordance with the new ISO 9001:2000, the company`s quality management system was successfully recertified for the process-based quality assurance model. On 26 May 2009, a new employment security agreement was signed with the German automotive equipment manufacturer Schaeffler Group. The agreement negotiated with the German metalworkers` union excludes redundancies until 2010. In return for this job guarantee, Schaeffler`s staff costs will be reduced by 250 million euros. The agreement is to be considered in light of the global financial crisis and Schaeffler`s acquisition of automotive equipment manufacturer Continental in August 2008. On May 26, 2009, both Schaeffler and IG Metall welcomed the new agreement in a joint press release. Berthold Huber, CEO of IG Metall, said the Schaeffler Group had overcome a critical factor: the time needed to cope with the sharp drop in orders in the metallurgical industry. Norbert Lenhard, chairman of the Schaeffler Works Council, stressed that the workplace safety agreement was „an important guarantee for workers in the future alliance with Continental.“ Schaeffler Group President Jurgen Gei-iner stressed that the new agreement was „the concrete result of intense and constructive negotiations between all parties involved.“ The agreement facilitates the cost reductions needed to avoid redundancies in the near future. These agreements govern the nature and extent of sampling, the quality of operation, the ability to proceed, control and liability on the basis of reduced input control. QDA Q-Management Q-Management is the performance basic software of ASI DATAMYTE`s QDA suite that facilitates the achievement and verification of quality objectives such as process control, cost reduction, the growing shortage of skilled labour in the German labour market, and makes it necessary to agree with other EU Member States on a common culture of quality assurance in the field of vocational training.

Before German unification, the BAUFA Institute was already an authoritarian auditing body of the Landesgewerbeanstalt (LGA) in Nuremberg “ and participated in a cooperation agreement to ensure the quality of lightweight multilayer composite materials. A basic normative requirement is to monitor suppliers with respect to their performance. This applies to suppliers of products, processes and services that are relevant to the production or finished product and therefore apply to schaeffler suppliers. This is an essential part of the continuous improvement process and participation in this process is necessary, even in the absence of a contractual agreement, as a characteristic of cooperation.