Isi Perjanjian New York Agreement

2. Information on whether the content of the New York Agreement 1. The material relating to the writing of 3 contents of the Newyork agreement between the Dutch on August 15, 1962? President Kennedy then met with both Dutch Foreign Minister Joseph Luns and Sukarno, both of whom had accepted a United Nations trust but disagreed on the details. When the United States supported a „compromise“ resolution at the United Nations that rejected Indonesia, relations with Indonesia were bored. In December, National Security Adviser McGeorge Bundy Kennedy strongly advised a pro-Indonesian stance for the „Soviet bloc to… Indonesia is getting even closer to it. [2] The secret talks negotiated by the United States at the ambassadorial level began in March 1962 without preconditions, but Sukarno was skeptical of American intentions. [2] The interviews took place at Huntland`s property in Middleburg, Virginia. [10] A draft plan by US diplomat Ellsworth Bunker in 1962 provided that the Netherlands would transfer control of New Guinea to neutral United Nations administrators, who would be gradually replaced by Indonesian administrators, and then to Indonesia, which would hold a referendum „to give freedom to the Papuans“ with the UN Secretary General and other UNITED Nations staff. [4] The Netherlands responded that the proposal was a „shocking betrayal of the United States“[2] which originally wanted to hold the referendum under the ADMINISTRATION of the United Nations, although the United States, after threatening to make the negotiations public, adhered to the agreement with the establishment of a „right to self-determination“.

[2] Secretary of State Subandrio, who considered the UN monitoring and holding of the referendum as a „humiliation for Indonesia“, only accepted a set of lean guidelines for the referendum[4] when the United States threatened to „change sides and support the Dutch“. [2] The final version of the agreement provided the following parameters for the „act of free choice“: the American imperialist state of the time had enormous military power and an intelligence game (CIA) that was difficult for the countries of Western Papy to unleash. Both signed the agreement without mastery in the wings of the power and economic interests of the United States. In the struggle for the liberation of Western Ireland, the Indonesian nation has made various efforts, ranging from diplomacy, confrontational actions to military operations with the establishment of mandala command operations. But not everything has been done, so the Indonesian nation has also taken diplomatic measures on the sidelines of the military operation to liberate the West Irian, namely the agreement or the authorization of New York. What is the New York agreement? As has already been said, the agreement was reached to end the war between Indonesia and the Netherlands in order to liberate Western Ireland. The New York agreement was signed by Subandrio, who served as Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia with Van Royen and Schuurman as Dutch delegate.