Interline Agreement Command In Amadeus

2. To verify the interline agreement between two airlines, please indicate: TGAD-YY/ZZ (where YY is the validating carrier and ZZ is the second largest airline). From 1Jun2008, the BSP only allows e-tickets. As a result, airlines must issue these tickets in their offices in all cases where there is no interline between airlines that do not have an interline for young children. 2. If it comes to codeshare flights check if there is an electronic ticket agreement between the airlines of the route Is agreement for T-Ticket paper tickets, P- Prepaid E-E-Tickets Otherwise Amadeus is only fares that allow Interline, bSP ticket on E-Ticket. The answer is that the airline has reached an agreement with LH TG P T E. This means that it will ensure that the email address is in the PNR ( is how to add it) Tip: The Amadeus system has been updated and verified at the price time interline ticketing agreements as well as sales restrictions and the validating carrier to provide the most accurate fare. The system reviews e-Ticket Interline agreements as a first choice and it is only when there is no airline on the route that has the electronic ticket with all the other airlines on the route system, that the interline paper agreement (only LY offers paper tickets per turn) becomes important: airline agreements must not be reciprocal.

TGAD-LY/TG Show the Interline agreement if it is possible to issue TG on the LY ticket stock at the time of ticketing, Amadeus Vista also verifies whether there is an interline agreement between the validating airline and the airlines in the itinerary. If the itinerary includes more than one airline, make sure there is an electronic ticketing interline. For example, if valid carrier is IB and there is a use of MX segment: TGAD-IB/MX This is advisable to know if there is an interline for e-ticketing between IB and MX. If systemresponse is TPE The system response is T P E, i.e. there is Interline for T-paper ticket TGAD-TG This input is used to check which airlines are interline with TG. Do not confuse the interline ticketing agreement with code-sharing companies or operators: the electronic ticket is not allowed on the requested route, as no interline is offered for electronic tickets on this route. For a list of the airlines for which Amadeus verifies Interline agreements, visit the Amadeus Vista Command page and enter TGAD.