G3 Free Trade Agreement

In August 2009, after two years of negotiations, Colombia and Mexico adopted the amendments to the free trade agreement and signed five decisions of the Amendment Protocol on market access to goods, changes to rules of origin, the Regional Input Integration Committee, additional legal powers over the management committee and the change of name of the agreement. In accordance with Article 20-01 of the agreement, an administrative commission is set up to oversee the implementation and implementation of the agreement. From a Mexican perspective, the Group of 3 was part of a strategy to open up its trade policy aimed at significantly boosting exports. The Group of 3 allowed Mexico to use labour markets throughout the region to produce manufactured goods that could then be sold to the United States and Canada through NAFTA. The Group of 3 has helped strengthen Mexico`s position as Central America`s largest trading partner, although other trade agreements have probably provided much more assistance to Mexico. The Group of 3 has weakened in part as a result of other regional trade agreements and bilateral agreements between Central American countries and the United States. In addition, on 7 December 2004, the G-3 countries signed ACE 61, a partial scope agreement to further trade liberalization in certain industrial sectors. The government said on Monday it would not sign free trade agreements that are in fact „trade agreements with China in secret,“ with Foreign Minister S Jaishankar cancelling some of India`s previous treaties. India and Britain have reaffirmed their commitment to negotiating a free trade agreement to further strengthen economic relations, the trade ministry said on Saturday. Customs will closely monitor imports of items such as mobile phones, white items, set-top boxes, agar-boxes, cameras and other electronic products, as part of a new verification mechanism to be put in place from 21 September to subject free trade agreements (ATFs) to abuse. India and the United States discussed the possibility of negotiating a free trade agreement and expressed a desire to conclude negotiations for a first trade package, the Commerce Ministry said on Thursday.