Essex County Council Planning Performance Agreement

If advice is not followed, your request will likely be determined without further negotiation. For more information on the decision-making process, please see the planning requests. The planning history presented in Public Access dates back to 1988, if you want to see an older planning history, you can do so by looking at the planning records in the Council offices during normal business hours. As the waste and mineral planning authority, we are responsible for defining planning requests: please note that the Comments tab now refers to comments and presentations when you view apps on Public Access. The correspondence or comments you send or submit will be available to the public and will be published on the site. Your name and address will also be published; However, personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers are not displayed. The Commission reserves the right to make comments that it deems defamatory. Representations should be as short as possible and relevant to the planning benefits of the proposal. Please note that performances are not recognized. You should be aware that all council advice on pre-application requests is given in good faith on the basis of the administrator`s technical judgment and does not constitute a formal response or a decision of the Commission regarding future planning requests. All opinions or opinions expressed are expressed without prejudice to the Commission`s consideration of a formal planning request, which will be subject to wider consultation and publicity and may be the subject of a decision in a planning committee.

Although the administrator may indicate the likely outcome of a formal planning request, no guarantee can or will be given as to the decision made following such an application. Some consultants do not respond to pre-application requests charged for the service. These taxes would be levied in addition to the tax prior to the application and would have to be paid by the applicant. In such cases, the pre-nomination process may take longer for us to be able to provide a complete response. Please note that we cannot give a definitive answer to certain aspects without the cooperation and responses of the consultations. We will provide information forecasts (plans and details/studies) to help validate the following planning applications. We will also explain how the development management process, the consultation process, the decision-making process, including commission information and the timetable for evaluating a plan request work.