Development And Asset Management Agreement

Establishing an individual lease or a typical rental contract for your property: We offer our clients a complete portfolio of services for project development, revitalization and existing real estate. We focus in particular on commercial real estate and office buildings. However, this priority is not limited to conventional office buildings or mixed land; With the support of specialized teams who have a very practical approach and who understand the peculiarities of the real estate in question, we also advise clients in the hospitality, healthcare, logistics and retail sectors, including complex shopping malls. We design and negotiate the highly specific contracts required for the above examples, which often contain clauses on aspects such as operating obligation, competition protection or product range, revenue rent (taking into account investment requirements), rental facilities, management of centres and advertising communities. Our clients often come to us when they have to develop other contracts during the life cycle of a property. Our extensive expertise in project development gives us an innovative advantage and allows us to give advice on an extremely broad spectrum: our experienced rental law experts help you with everything from the rental offer to the development and negotiation of leases and Addenda, and help you to the extract of a tenant – and beyond. We often assist our clients in their real estate projects from start to finish, from buying an existing property or with a new project development – including financing – to asset management and at the end of the sale of the property. Our clients include public institutions, family offices, project promoters, national and international real estate funds, insurance companies and investors. Together, we develop pragmatic and effective solutions. Excellent real estate asset management is an essential factor that stimulates the value of real estate. Not only will it guarantee this long-term value through a constant cash flow, but it will also have a positive effect on the future selling price. For the most part, this area is governed by German rental law. However, legislation is only one aspect of the coin.

Leasing law is also the subject of countless volatile and complex court decisions – perhaps more so than in any other legal field. Supplements and consulting services in progress: continuity and in-depth understanding of the property are necessary to be able to offer specialized advice. This is why many of the clients we support in the project purchase or development phase stay with us for the long term. Lessons learned from the diligence duel can be used to solve asset management problems and develop new approaches. We are also pleased to support existing asset management projects and help you identify opportunities for improvement and find comprehensive solutions to problems. Our clients need advice and support that spans all angles and provide solutions – and focuses on situations from your point of view. To ensure successful asset management for your real estate, our consultants act proactively and visionally and tailor your business objectives with competent colleagues in all relevant legal areas. We take a holistic approach. For example, when we advise on leases, we also focus on aspects such as the General Basic Law and land registry requirements.