Birmingham City Council Planning Performance Agreement

3.16 Submission of a sustainability assessment with the first applications for framework planning based on the West Midlands Sustainable Planning List. This online tool will help developers and others assess the extent to which site proposals will provide a wide range of economic, social and environmental sustainability priorities. The checklist was developed by the West Midlands Regional Assembly with a number of regional and national partners (including Advantage West Midlands) and can be used in the following form and means: Birmingham is undergoing extensive renovation. One of the city`s two new HS2 stations will be built right across from our Campus City Centre, and there will be many opportunities, now and in the future, for people with built environmental qualifications. When a local planning authority is covered by the performance thresholds set in the criteria it can set for its performance with respect to major, non-large or both development requests. 3.6 Part D of the AAP also includes requirements for sustainable development, supply and implementation through planning contributions, including S106 agreements and a longbridge infrastructure tariff (LIT). The module allows you to understand the importance of work within the limits of established best professional practices. It focuses on the skills and skills required in practice to meet professional standards and expectations. These include ethics; Stakeholder analysis Business presentation skills Negotiations conflict management, teamwork; Reflexivity, etc. The module has been designed to promote action-seeking and develop your capabilities to meet the changing needs of the built environment and industry as a whole, and give you money in the market. BCU staff have links to planning authorities and consulting firms that offer good employment relationships. We are often contacted by employers who are looking for quality graduates, which allows us to help our students quickly access a decent job after their course.

the quality of decisions made by local planning authorities with respect to major and non-major development applications, as measured by the proportion of decisions on applications that are then overturned on appeal (including those resulting from a „rejected“ decision if an application has not been established within the legal time frame) 3.13 A site-wide strategy for the management of storage waste , collection and recycling of households and businesses. These are also proposals to reduce the waste of materials during construction. It will include objectives and measures to ensure that development can exceed local authorities` recycling and composting targets and reduce the growth rate of household waste, encourage reuse systems and establish a commercial recycling system for businesses.