Aws Partner Network Agreement

The AWS Solution Provider program is designed for system integrators, manager service providers, value-added resellers and public sector partners to resell AWS services to end customers as part of their differentiated solution. Under this program, Amazon Web Services (AWS) authorized solution providers manage, wait, support and bill accounts for end customers. 1.1 Participation in the program. To join the program, you must submit a full application via (the „website“), be linked to the corresponding customer agreement (as defined below) and be included in the program. In order to avoid any doubt, participation in this program does not allow you to resell or sublicensing our services. 1.2 Benefits of the program. If you are included in the program, you can get some benefits described on the site. All benefits you receive under the program are subject to these conditions. This agreement comes less than a year after the creation of ZephyrTel and reflects the company`s growth strategy and focuses on cloud management in the Telco market. The strategic cooperation agreement will initially focus on a common market approach, based on ZephyrTel`s industry-leading customer experience management platform, ResponseTek for Telco, which was the first ZephyrTel solution to be migrated to AWS.

Are you interested in the AWS Public Sector Solution Provider Program? To learn more about the program, contact your public partner development manager. If you do not have a public partner development manager, please send a request to (b) „customer agreement,“ the AISPL customer agreement or any other agreement that governs your use of our services. These AWS Partners network terms (these „Conditions“) contain the terms and conditions that govern your participation in the AWS Partner Network Program (the „program“) and constitute an agreement between Amazon Web Services, Inc. (or its affiliate in section 10 below) („AWS,“ „we,“ „we“ or „our“) and the organization you represent. These conditions take effect when you activate the checkbox listed in these Terms or, if earlier, if you receive benefits from the program („Validity Date“). You assure us that you are legally in a position to enter into contracts, and if you subscribe to these terms on behalf of an entity, for example. B.dem company you work for, you tell us that you are legally entitled to link this unit. The AWS Solution Provider program provides authorized solution providers with a tiered discount structure based on technical skills and partner success in promoting new businesses, has flexible contract options to meet the individual needs of end customers, and offers partners multiple AWS support models that are based on a partner`s AWS practice.

(d) It is the responsibility of each party to address, pay and report to the appropriate authorities all taxes and other taxes of the State (as well as all penalties, interest and other taxes) that are imposed on that party or otherwise required by the transactions governed by these conditions. You can charge national, national or local sales or usage taxes, value-added taxes („VAT“) or taxes on goods and services („GST“) or similar transaction taxes that you must pay legally to public authorities (together „taxes“), and we pay. Your initial invoice to us must separately indicate these taxes and meet the requirements of a compliant tax bill.