24 Month Agreement Cox

Cox Communications does not need a long-term contract for new subscriptions to the company`s high-speed Internet service. In accordance with the company`s subscription agreement, you or Cox can terminate your services for no reason at any time by providing a 24-hour written message. In the case of subscribers, you can also call to inform the company of the termination of the service. Note the restrictions on broadband Internet subscribers. I`ve been at Cox`s in Phx for 13 years, Az. and has never experienced real lies and consumer fraud. It began about 9 Mons. earlier starting with the late fee of $8 plus, when I wasn`t late. They doubled my bill and calculated me month after month, even after I called, complained and thought it was all co-sponsored. They had sent offers to increase my internet speed, add a phone, group this and that. Two weeks ago, I had to check out registered emails for an ongoing trial, and my Internet was off, not cable, just the Internet. I called to find out what was going on, and the representative was lost. He first asked „just the Internet?“, then said, yes it was outside, I asked when, why, where and for how long and the only question he could answer was 8 hours, then call back, if not again.

Your service contract has a 24-month period. You can terminate your contract within 30 days of the start date of the contract to avoid early termination fees (ETFs) by calling Cox Customer Care at the number on your bill. You will then be charged up to $240 if you terminate the contract or if the TV, Internet or basic phone are separated. You can change other services, functions and equipment without compromising your consent. The full text of the service agreement is cox.com under the guidelines. Please read it carefully. Contact Cox Customer Care by phone if you have any questions or want to change your account. Registration for Easy Pay is required; Details and conditions can be found in cox.com/autopay. Cox is one of the worst cable television services in the world.

Passing from DirecTV to Cox, I was told that my bill was appx. 124. tax-free, total. They took 2 months to try to connect the internet and the phone, one problem at a time, never sent a bill. I`d call AM. I spoke with 8 or 9 Dumbell customer service, everyone said the same thing, „I can help you.“ The first bill was 307.00. They had the installation, the service call, was not given the price of the alliance, no one knew why. Finally, in June my phone and internet was connected, then the bill went to appx.

207.00. A service employee told me that if I didn`t have an invoice, call the mail. That was not his problem. The advertised price includes a monthly service fee, with no equipment fees. Extra take, inside wiring, reconnection, activation, taxes, deductible fees and surcharges are added. Modem needed for service. For optimal performance, it is recommended to use a Cox-approved cable modem. Uninterrupted or error-free Internet service or the speed of your service is not guaranteed. Actual speeds vary. For more information, see www.cox.com/internetdisclosures for cox Internet Disclosures complete. Cox cannot guarantee that the expected results of ® McAfee services are available or that McAfee® software is free of interruptions or other outages. McAfee® services and functions may change.

McAfee® is a registered trademark of McAfee®, Inc. A credit quality check and/or down payment may be required. Other restrictions may apply. All prices and offers can change. All Cox Internet plans include 1 TB (1024GB) per month of data usage. Unlimited data plans and an additional 500GB can be added for an additional monthly fee. Using the data, which goes beyond the plan, can result in a fee of $10 for up to 50GB of additional data and for every additional 50GB block thereafter, with the exception of Unlimited Data Plan subscribers.